Check the availability of the room in the calendar below. You can also call. After receiving your reservation request Bed & Breakfast "Aan de  Bagijnstraat" sends a confirmation. We try to handle your request on the same day but no later than two business days.
To reserve a stay we do not charge extra costs. We also do not ask a deposit. You pay the full amount on arrival. You can only pay by cash or prepayment on our bank account.
Other costs you incur (for example breakfast.  use of the minibar or bicycle rent) you need to pay in cash on departure. All prices are incl. VAT. We only have 2 (own) bicycles that can be booked. The program cannot see if they have already been rented out. So indicate this in the notes. If you need more than two bikes or you want electric bikes let us know and we will bring you in touch with our bike rental (he may be asking a different price).
Before you book we ask you to read our terms and conditions. Booking means you read this information and you accept them.

You can not come unexpectedly, which is quite annoying, but please let us know here; You pay no penalty if you have passed the cancellation 24 hours before your arrival.