Just behind the place where B & B "The Bagijnstraat" is located stood the old farm of Peter Johannes (Hannes) Reuvers. Hannes was married with Mieke Winius on July 5, 1932. He was a cattle dealer and also belched there a bit. He went to the farmers on his bike to buy pigs. Opposite the farm was the café / hotel / restaurant "Begijnenhof" from the Van Weeren family, who was also bricklayer / contractor. The farmers brought their pigs over here. Behind the bar was a barn with a large scale on which the pigs were weighed. They were then loaded into crates and they were placed on the flatcar and taken to the slaughterhouse in Nijmegen.First by horse and wagon and later with the truck. Right next to the old farmhouse built son Jo and his wife Ton a new house. Later the farm was demolished. What remains is the picture below as a reminde

In 1998 we bought the house of Jo Reuvers and then redeveloped it twice