The rates below are the standard prices per room. The booking offices use different prices due to commissions to be paid. All our prices are without breakfast !! You can indicate when booking whether you would like to have breakfast. Enter breakfast 1x and you will receive an excellent and extensive breakfast for every guest.

Payment in advance by bank, cash on arrival or internet banking. You can also pay with us by credit card or PIN. We do ask an additional fee of 3% for this.

Send an email with date, number of people and your wishes to info@aandebagijnstraat.nl, we will reply within a few hours

Before you book, we ask you to read the general conditions carefully. Booking means that you have read and accepted this.

Children up to the age of 4 can always go for FREE with their parent (s) (or grandmother and grandfather, uncle or aunt)! For these little guests we have an exciting place to sleep on the upper bed. Of course we also have good facilities for babies and toddlers.