for horse and rider

From the end of april until mid-September. 

 You want a weekend or on a weekday riding in another environment or go on a mini-vacation and you want to bring your horse (s) with you? Then you can go to Bed & Breakfast "Aan de Bagijnstraat". For riders and drivers we have a special package.
We are not a professional horse / equestrian center.. just horselovers! Our horses are staying in simple open entry boxes. Actually, they are almost always outside. They can go inside but apparently that is not always their preference. This they only do when they are fed. Obviously, these boxes can be closed if you want.
Also for your horse (s) we have a clean paddock direct in connection with the simple (lockable) walk-stables with automatic water supply. In the morning, your horse provided by us so you can still enjoy your delicious stay. Your horses get just like our horses A-quality hay and Derby Compact Brok . Feeding is obviously done to your liking.
We are monitoring your horse if you want to do other activities or if you are late in your room at night. 
Your car with trailer (and coach) can stand on our own (lockable) field. These and other features such as cleaner- and waterplace (cold / hot water) and lockable tack room are included in the price. Your horse may also in the meadow at the other side of the road. Also see our Terms and Conditions.
Do you want to ride in a carriage, or want to learn themselves hold the reins? In consultation it is certainly possible. Give this to your booking. In some forests you can free ride. We have held several scenic routes on paper and which are waiting for you, or to charge your GPS system. There are plenty of official equestrian trails in the area provided.